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Most people mistakenly think that constructing Buddha images and building stupas helps the Buddhadharma flourish. Even though we might erect huge temples adorned with polished jewels and gold, we cannot attain the Way by these works… To learn even a single phrase of the Dharma-gate or to practice zazen if only for a single period, while living in a thatched hut or under a tree, shows the true flourishing of The Buddhadharma.

If we remain pure and poor, but practice the Way enduring hardship, beg for food, or eat wild nuts or fruit… a single person hearing about us and coming to practice will be one possessing true bodhi-mind. I think this is the way the buddhadharma can truly flourish.

-Zen Master Dogen

turtle monkTouching Earth Sangha is a meditation practice community dedicated to awakening the clarity and compassion at the source of our hearts and minds.  We recognize the expression of that awakening as a responsible and caring lifestyle in harmony with the Earth and all creatures.

We live communally following a rigorous practice schedule based on traditional Zen models, as well as allowing for innovation, and for inspiration from other traditions. We aim to be an example to the wider community of the possibility of sustainable lifestyles; living with little energy use, no car, virtually zero waste, and generally following the highest standards of ecological and social responsibility.

In line with the spirit of contemplative traditions around the world, we offer all our programs free of charge, on a purely donation basis. We are dedicated to letting go of fear and trusting in the compassionate and caring heart – the vastness and balance of nature.

Currently there are three core, full-time members of Touching Earth – we are staying with friends in SE Portland while we look for a longer term practice-place.   We’re presently hosting Sunday meditation groups at 2pm at Kailash Ecovillage (4311 SE 37th Ave), and also occasional one day sittings, longer retreats, and wilderness trips. Everyone is welcome to join these events – please contact us at for the latest info on what’s going on and how to join.  We hope to find a place where we can offer a daily practice schedule and longer retreats. Please contact us if you have any ideas.  Thank you.

May all beings be free and joyful