Our fundamental practice is zazen, or still sitting in focused presence. We offer five 40-minute periods daily, as well as more intensive retreats. We do not adhere strictly to any one lineage, but we sit with eyes open and with particular attention on posture and breath.


We practice walking meditation between sitting periods, and have lots of time in our schedule for T’ai Ch’i/Chi Gung, asana yoga, and other exercise and movement meditations. Instruction in T’ai Ch’i and Chi Gung is offered once a week.

In addition, we have a daily chanting practice based on the melodies of Indian raga. Ragas are melodic frameworks created over centuries in a yogic context that offer great opportunities to complement and deepen a sitting practice. Several people in the community practice “Nada Yoga” (unity through sound) using the art of Indian raga music. Occasional instruction is offered to anyone interested.


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