AltarWe generally do a one day retreat every full moon, and a seven day retreat on the solstices and equinoxes. In the summer we also do a series of forest retreats. All retreats are offered on a donation basis and follow the same schedule from 5am to 9pm every day. If you cannot attend a whole retreat, it is sometimes possible to come for part. Please let us know ahead of time if you are interested.

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Contact info:

Upcoming retreats:

We are planning a Solstice Retreat this December, probably at the Korean Temple in Ranier, Oregon.  Contact us soon if interested.

Past retreats:

  • Seven day Equinox Retreat near Rainer Oregon September 21st-27th, 2010.
  • One day Full Moon Sitting Monday July 26th 7:30am-4:30pm.
  • One Day Solstice Retreat Monday June 21st 7am-4:30pm
  • One Day Full Moon Retreat Thursday May 27th 7am-4:30pm
  • One Day Full Moon Retreat Monday April 28th 7am-4:30pm
  • One Day Full Moon Retreat Monday March 29th 7am-4:30pm
  • Seven day retreat March 11th-17th
  • One Day Full Moon Retreat Friday January 29th
  • Half day retreat everyday January 16th-21st from 5am-2pm
  • One Day New Moon Retreat January 15th 5am-9pm.
  • Full Moon/New Year’s Eve one day retreat from 5am-5pm
  • Seven Day Solstice/ Buddha’ s Awakening Retreat December 16th-22nd, 2009

Sample Retreat Schedule (each retreat might vary):

  • 4:50  Wake
  • 5:00  108 prostrations/Sitting/Chanting/Sitting
  • 6:40  Open practice (walking, sitting, yoga, qi gong, etc…)
  • 8:oo   Breakfast (oryoki) and break
  • 9:10   Tea / Sitting x3 (possible talk during second sitting period)
  • 12:00 Open Practice
  • 12:30 Lunch (oryoki) and break
  • 2:00   Tea
  • 2:15    Sitting x3
  • 4:30   Chanting  / Open Practice
  • 6:o0   Evening Snack / Sitting x3 (possible talk during second sitting )
  • 9pm    Nine Bows

More Info

  • If you have never participated in one of our retreats, please schedule an orientation.
  • Sitting periods are approximately 40 minutes.
  • Times are approximate
  • Retreats are silent except during talk/question and answer periods.
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