*We do not currently have our own place and thus are unable offer a public schedule right now, except for Sunday groups which are currently being held at 4418 SE Harrison St.,  Portland Or, 97215.  As soon as we have a new place we will start our regular schedule again, and post all info here.

Winter Daily Schedule (Last year, at our former Hermitage)

  • 5 am    108 bows/ sitting/ chanting/ sitting
  • 7:00     open practice/exercise (asana yoga, qi gong, tai chi, nada yoga, etc…)
  • 8:3o     breakfast (informal/ silent)
  • 12:30    lunch (informal/silent)
  • Sunset chanting
  • 6:00     evening snack
  • 7:30     sitting x3/ nine bows

*Times are approximate

*Our zendo is always open for sitting

*Everything is offered free of charge

*Silence is observed each day from wake-up until the end of the morning schedule and after 7:30pm

*Sunday 3pm meditation group (30 min. sitting followed by question/answer and an informal dinner)

*Friday half day retreat ending after lunch

*No cell phone or internet use on grounds

*All sittings are approximately 40 min. unless otherwise specified

*If you bring food donations, please only vegan (no animal products) and no garlic, onions, or spicy foods.

*If you are interested in having more meditation/posture instruction or want to learn the zen style of eating we use during retreats please let us know and we can schedule a time.

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